Long Island City

Long Island City is known for its vibrant arts community and is home to attractons such as the Museum of Modern Art and Socrates Sculpture Park. With spectacular views across the East River, the neighborhood is a walking paradise. Long Island City is served by a multiude of communitng options, creating a speedy commute to Midtown Manhattan.The Long Island Expressway and Queens Midtown Tunnel also offer easy driving access to Manhattan. Local and express subway lines are used by residents for transportation around Queens and Brooklyn. NY Waterway offers Ferry service between Long Island City to Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. Discover what Long Island City has to offer and learn how this neighborhood can fit into your lifestyle. 

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  • Waterfront community
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    You'll fall in love withThe best views of the Manhattan skyline.
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    What to expectScenic public spaces, trendy eateries and unique street art installations.
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    The lifestyleA transformed neighborhood.

Neighborhood Highlights

  • Quick Commute to Manhattan
  • Socrates Sculpture Garden
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Gantry Plaza State Park
  • East River Views
  • Queensboro Bridge
  • Next door to Brooklyn
  • Queensbridge Park
  • Hunter Points Library

Located in Western Queens

Nearest Subway

  • E
  • G
  • M
  • N
  • Q
  • R
  • 7

Commute Times

Columbus Circle 30m by train, 13m by car

Grand Central 20m by train, 14m by car

Union Square 30m by train, 19m by car

Wall Street 38m by train, 30m by car

Around the Block

Exploring Long Island City

A community that boasts a stellar combination of outstanding views that offer and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan.

Long Island City is a neighborhood that combines together modern sleek architecture and art with great touches of history. The welcoming community used to be the host of major manufacturing companies in New York. Long Island City has been completely revamped and has managed to turn huge industrial buildings left behind by these manufacturing companies, into spacious studios and galleries, creating this neighborhood into an epicenter for the arts. One of the fastest growing communities in New York, Long Island City is the perfect place to call home. 

Views of skyline from LIC

With exemplary views, easy access to Manhattan, and a wide range of new public art installations and activities, Long Island City is on the rise to being one of the most popular neighborhoods in New York City. With a growing art scene and unique recreational activities flooding into Long Island City, it is nearly impossible for residents to run out of things to do in this thriving neighborhood. 

Gantry Park boardwalk in LIC

Discover and Explore

What's around you

Long Island City is home to only the trendiest shops and stores of Queens.

Popular throughfares include 21st Street and Vernon Boulevard where every resident can take advantage of restaurants with cusines from around the world, cafes ideal for a quiet escape and local businesses or boutiques to satisfy all shopping needs.

Breathtaking views of the Manhattan Skyline

Long Island City offers a wide range of activities for you to explore. While it is famous for developing creative spaces out of the empty manufacturing buildings left behind, the neighborhood also boasts new restuarants, scenic parks, and some of the best cocktail bars and rooftops in the city. The neighborhood is home to only the trendiest shops and stores of Queens. What was once just an advertisement for the viewers from Manhattan to notice along the East River, the Pepsi-Cola sign, located right in Long Island City, is now officially a landmark you can enjoy on a stroll along the boardwalk. Residents can take in fresh air or enjoy a picnic in Gantry State Plaza Park, where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. 

Buildings in Long Island City